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Welcome to our blog, where you can find regular updates on ANZA events and social welfare projects. 

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  • 11 Oct 2016 9:42 AM | ANZA Website (Administrator)

    We are supporting a number of projects that are in need of donated items. f you can help with any of these requests please drop the items into the donations basket at ANZA House or contact our Social Welfare team for more information.

    Cipayung Refugee Educational Centre

    Wish List....

    Art supplies

    • Paper
    • Paints and brushes, pencils, crayons
    • Clip boards to take sketching


    • Computers
    • White paint for walls (4mx4m approx) plus equipment
    • Posters with animals, fruit, vegetables etc
    • Notice boards


    • Mops, buckets, brushes, clothes and cleaning products
    • Sponsor for internet
    • Sponsor for rent from December 2016

    Refugee women support group

    Wish List...

    • Musical instruments
    • Iron
    • Clothes rack
    • Plastic storage boxes with drawers
    • White board
    • Fabric, cotton and zips
    • White paint(4mx4m room plus ceiling) 

  • 09 Oct 2016 6:07 PM | Anonymous member

    It is often difficult to find a day and time when the University & College students currently sponsored by the ANZA Student Sponsorship Program can meet up with the SSP Team for the usual admin purposes (collecting fee payments, organising photos for the new school year, and handing over reports), so today the students were invited to ANZA House for a special pizza lunch.

    As well as getting all the necessary admin done, it was a great opportunity for the students to meet up and swap handy tips and ideas, and for the SSP Team (Santi, Sylvia & Louise) to get to know them better too.

    Many thanks to ANZA for the use of the House, the students were delighted to visit and see ANZA's centre of operations, even if it was on a Sunday when all is quiet!

  • 08 Oct 2016 8:01 PM | Anonymous member

    Today the students at Dian Kasih School in Kalideres, West Jakarta, held an Open Day and an International Day rolled into one and invited ANZA to join them, as proceeds from the Australia section will be donated to the ANZA Student Sponsorship Program.

    The school was decorated with beautiful murals representing all the countries, the students organised games and activities as well as all the on stage entertainment, and their parents helped to provide a wide variety of tasty global food choices.

    Many thanks to all the students, parents, staff and visitors for an exciting and enjoyable day!

    Article by Louise Kennedy, ANZA Student Sponsorship Coordinator

  • 29 Sep 2016 2:23 PM | Anonymous member


    The Student Sponsorship Program Team has started the process of visiting all the schools in the program to see that our students are in school and also to add new ones who have started this year.  We also take photos of everyone so that our sponsors can see how their students have developed since the last school year.  

    Our first visit today was to SD MKGR, a small Elementary School originally founded to educate the children of people from the local flower market in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.

    It takes three of us to get the children in line and snap the photos (one recording the order on a master sheet, one to hold the backdrop, and one to wield the camera) which we will use for profiles and reports, plus the new ones for our annual Christmas Appeal (coming soon!).

    Every child received a yummy Tim Tam for their trouble, so we proved very popular this morning!

    Sponsors and any interested ANZA members who would like to join us on one of our visits are always welcome (though be prepared for early starts and traffic!), upcoming dates are:

    • 30 Sep - SD At Taqwa, Cakung, East Jakarta
    • 1 Oct - SMK PGRI 35, Cengkareng, North West Jakarta
    • 9 Oct - University & College Students visit ANZA House for pizza lunch
    • 10 Oct - SD MKGR (2nd Visit), Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta
    • 12 Oct - SD & SMP Esti Bakti (1st Visit), Kapuk, North West Jakarta
    • 14 Oct - SD & SMP Esti Bakti (2nd Visit), Kapuk, North West Jakarta
    Please contact Louise Kennedy on anzastudentsponsorship@gmail.com
  • 20 Sep 2016 10:00 AM | ANZA Website (Administrator)

    ANZABall 2016 Dancefloor

    The band really got the crowd going.

    Saturday 17 September was a night filled with wonder and entertainment when the circus rolled into town for ANZA's Annual Charity Ball. The funds raised from this fabulous event will go a long way in supporting ANZA's numerous social welfare projects.

    Thank you to our main ball sponsors Commonwealth Bank, AsianTigers-Indonesia,NOW! Jakarta for helping make the event possible! 

    Thank you to all our raffle and silent auction sponsors for contributing some amazing prizes including; Alila SoloAlila ManggisFantasy LollipopGrand Sahid JayaArbor&TroyRaffles JakartaBelmond Jimbaran PuriBeervana.IDWarung TurkiTurkuaz Jakarta, Nagisa Bali, Pazar Carpets, Tarra's Salon, Himapan Indonesia, Manik Hair and Beauty, Deny's Iron Workshop, Molly Malone's Irish Pub,  Melbourne the Photographer, Murphy's Irish Pub KemangRumah Yoga, Aristya Tour, Paisley Things, Mil and Mat Salon, House of Diamonds, Pasitico K (Koi Kemang) and Adorama Lifestyle Photo Printing.

    A big congratulations to our guests for making another wonderful event a success! A huge thank you to all for making an effort to dress up; we hope you enjoy your prize 'Zoltar' and 'Half-man, Half-woman'!

    Last but not least, to the ANZA ball committee Carm Gleeson, Bonnie Kelly, Saengkeo Touttavong, Tania Goodacre, Ann-Maree Thompson and the endless amounts of volunteers; we applaud you, unbelievable job once again - you all deserve a holiday!

    Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for more photos from the event.

  • 02 Sep 2016 7:38 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    The Bintangs AFL Football Club and TelkomTelstra working together brought a ‘taste’ of Australian Rules footy to students in the ANZA Student Sponsorship Program (SSP) at PGRI35 in Jakarta. The 30 girls and boys came to learn the basics on a blustery afternoon that didn’t dampen their enthusiasm despite bad traffic and a nearly water logged pitch.

     On 30 August the eager 14-15 year olds from PGRI35 were introduced to the basic skills of the game by an enthusiastic group from the Bintangs and TelkomTelstra volunteers.  The Bintangs provided the training expertise and TelkomTelstra, a major sponsor of SSP, the refreshments, field rental and transport for the students.  

     Despite the stormy weather all the kids and trainers had so much fun and a great training session… until the skies opened again and we all retreated to shelter for a well earned drink and some pizza.  Tired, wet and muddy but with smiles all round everyone made their way home through Jakarta traffic.

     A big ‘Thank you’ to all the guys for giving the kids a fun filled afternoon and who knows they may have sown the seeds for a new Indonesian national sport!

    Written by: Gilly Weaver, Co-Director ANZA Social Welfare

    If you would like to join the Social Welfare team or organise a similar event. Please get in touch, new volunteers are always welcome.

  • 16 Aug 2016 10:39 AM | ANZA Website (Administrator)

    ANZA Pasar Murah

    Photo Credit: Nani Cappelut

    Twice a year ANZA holds a Garage Sale and Pasar Murah which means ‘cheap market’ for locals.

    Donations of anything and everything arrive at ANZA house regularly and once the garage is full (bursting at the seams) we sort it for the sales; that is a BIG task – there is so much to go through!

    The Garage Sale is held on a Friday during our ANZA coffee morning.

    Then… we prepare for the ‘big event’ the Pasar Murah, tables are set up outside and everything is laid out ready for Saturday.

    The gates open at 7.00am on the dot and waiting crowds swarm in to grab bargains. All items are sold in job lots priced by Marilyn and other Indonesian speakers. It’s total but organized chaos and is all over by 9.00. We can then catch our breath, debrief, count up the funds and have a well earned coffee!

    We need helpers for our next edition in September:

    • Thursday 1 September afternoon to set up the Garage Sale
    • Friday 2 September during the coffee morning to sell items
    • Friday 2 September afternoon to set up tables for Pasar Murah
    • Saturday 3 September morning 6.30-9 am to set up and sell everything!

    Come and join us it’s fun and all proceeds go to Social Welfare projects! We usually make around Rp. 10 million over the two days so it’s very worthwhile!

    Contact the Social Welfare Committee if you are able to lend a hand.

    Read more about The Pasar Murah Experience in ANZABerita Magazine

  • 18 Jun 2016 12:30 PM | Anonymous member

    The children at SD MKGR Elementary School had a magical visit from Josh the Magic Man as a year end treat organised by the ANZA Student Sponsorship Program.

    Excitement was at an all time high when the SSP Team and Josh arrived on the day, and it was a really special event enjoyed by everyone. 

    Many thanks to Josh who did three shows back to back so all the kids had a chance to see him, and thank you too to everyone who helped with the gift packing and distribution. The children were delighted with their day and have lots of happy memories!

  • 18 Jun 2016 12:19 PM | Anonymous member

    The SSP Team has been busy these past couple of weeks, venturing north, south, east and west in the Big Durian to deliver Lebaran bonuses and Year End Gift packs of stationery and other goodies to 550 students in the program at At Taqwa, Cengkareng, Esti Bakti, MKGR and PGRI 35 schools. This completes our work for the 2015/16 school year, and many thanks to all the kind sponsors who have supported the program this year.With a new school year round the corner, photos are being sent to sponsors, together with a request for payments for 2016/17.

    We will be taking on lots of new students in July and if you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us on anzastudentsponsorship@gmail.com for further details and to register your interest


  • 15 Jun 2016 5:04 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Thanks to many generous donors our biggest ANZA Social Welfare project ever is now underway. Here is an update from Gilly Weaver, ANZA Social Welfare Director: 

    At Taqwa School Children

    At Taqwa School students and teachers with ANZA Social Welfare Committee Members

    Over 120 of the 280 children who attend At Taqwa school in East Jakarta are in our Student Sponsorship Program and as planned are safely at home for the holidays while the demolition work is done.

    The original, and now unsafe, wooden two storey classroom is being demolished, to be replaced by a new two storey brick building designed to fit in with the rest of the school. The project also includes a new roof over the adjoining classroom block, new entrance stairway to the upper floors, new toilet facilities and new aluminium windows throughout the school.

    At Taqwa School students in the classroom

    Sylvia and I visited this morning to inspect the progress. After only three days the old 'unsafe' building is a shadow of it's former self and a huge pile of debris is building up for removal. Anything recyclable is being carefully stored and the rest will have to be hand carried out along over 100 metres of narrow alley ways to the main road. This demolition process is estimated to take about two weeks and then the exciting rebuild can begin. 

    At Taqwa School Demolition

    The demolition work has now begun

    Watch this space for more updates.

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