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ANZA is very proud to work with and support a variety of organisations and yayasans (charitable foundations). Some of our partnerships have been running for many years, resulting in valuable and rewarding relationships and many successful programs helping impoverished Indonesians in Jakarta.

School children, orphans and street kids

We support several schools for disadvantaged children, orphanages and a drop-in centre for street kids. ANZA gives financial help and runs a student sponsorship program, an orphanage playgroup and visits to schools by volunteers who run classes and activities. We support Sayap Ibu, Catherine Booth Orphanage, Esti Bakti, At Taqwa, Nurani Insani and Remaja Masa Depan. Find out more about our Student Sponsorship Program.

Children and adults with disabilities

ANZA provides financial support and volunteer help at several homes for disabled children and adults with paraplegia, including Sayap Ibu Bintaro, Wisma Cheshire, Rawinala and Loka Bina Karya. 

Volunteer support includes playing with disabled children and assisting them with sensory and motor activities and regular swimming in a hydrotherapy pool, and English language classes for adults with paraplegia.

Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation (PHMF)

PHMF is a not-for-profit, charitable fund that aims to help underprivileged children of Indonesia. It was established to honour the memory of Priscilla Hall, who was killed in a plane accident south of Jakarta in 2004, and who had a particular interest in improving the lives of disadvantaged children. 

ANZA Social Welfare has teamed up with PHMF on many projects, including helping repair flood damage in schools, providing heating for a hydrotherapy pool for disabled children, and building additional classrooms in a school for disadvantaged students. priscillahall.org

The Elderly

ANZA has been supporting five pusakas in Jakarta for many years. Pusakas are community food kitchens set up to provide two nutritious meals a day to local poor elderly people who do not have family support. 

We also support Waluya Sejati Abadi, a home for elderly ex-political prisoners.

Goodwill International

Goodwill International is a foundation set up to provide scholarships to needy university students who are entering their second year of study. 

Scholarship recipients are those who show academic and leadership potential and who need financial assistance to stay at university. ANZA is proud to support 10 Goodwill students and has supported the program for many years.

Citra Baru

Yayasan Citra Baru was set up in 1989 to help children with cranio-facial deformities from very poor families get access to life-changing surgery. 

Citra Baru finds patients from all over Indonesia and supports them through the process of surgery and recovery. They team up with organisations such as ANZA to find sponsors to fund the surgery for each child. citrabarufoundation.org

Find out more about our Medical Sponsorship Program.

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