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Education – a priceless gift that will transform a child's life

ANZA’s Student Sponsorship Program began in 1988 with 22 students. Since then the program has grown to support more than 400 students each year.

Many poor families in Indonesia stop sending their children to school because they cannot afford to pay for books, school uniform and stationery. For a surprisingly small sum per child, ANZA’s program helps families to keep their children at school and continue their education.

ANZA has formed partnerships with several schools for disadvantaged students. The schools assess the students and recommend them for sponsorship, then ANZA finds a sponsor for each eligible child. The money is paid directly to the school to ensure that it is used for educational expenses.


Give the life-long gift of education

You can make a general donation to the program or you can sponsor an individual child and receive a profile of your child and two school reports per year.

To find out more, contact our Student Sponsorship Program Coordinator.

 School Level  Year/Semester  2016-2017


Years 1-6  IDR 1,050,000
 Junior High School  Years 7-9  IDR 1,750,000
High & Vocational Years 10-12 IDR 1,450,000
College  Semesters 1-8 IDR 4,000,000
University Semesters Semesters 1-8 IDR 6,000,000

Contact Us at ANZA House

Phone: +62 8131535 7229 

Email: info@anzajakarta.com


Kemang, South Jakarta

Please call for exact details.

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