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About Nurani Insani

Nurani Insani is a school for street children and students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds in Slipi, not that far from the Semanggi junction. It is situated in an impoverished neighbourhood which has experienced considerable unrest in past years but is now experiencing a resurgence with many properties being renovated. 
The school was founded by Pak Dedi’s father. Pak Dedi is the headmaster and Ibu Een, his wife is the school administrator. Ibu Een is also called Mami as she is everyone in the Kampung’s mother. 

The school operates as a secondary school three days a week and a primary school on the remaining three days.  In total there are about 127 pupils. There is also a very busy and popular kindergarten.
There is a clinic (currently under renovation) which has a qualified doctor in attendance twice a week. 
The charity also has a donated ambulance to transport the seriously ill to hospital and a midwife. 

Pak Dedi in the class room.

ANZA's Involvement

ANZA has been involved with Nurani Insani for more than 25 years.
  • In 2013 ANZA Social Welfare helped to pay for a permanent school building for them. 

  • ANZA has donated toys for the children to play with. 

Volunteers Needed

Nurani Insani is always looking for volunteers to teach English there. 

Please contact Erica at Social Welfare on  socialwelfare@anzajakarta.com

Contact Us at ANZA House

Phone: +62 8131535 7229 

Email: info@anzajakarta.com


Kemang, South Jakarta

Please call for exact details.

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